Monday, July 20, 2009

July Update

Who knew having a baby would occupy so much of my time......Ha..Ha! I guess I should having already had two children. Not much time for creating or blogging, so I thought I'd sneak in a digital layout just to fulfill my creative needs.

Summer days are filled with quiet moments as Tristan and Felicity spend much of their time with their friends leaving Isabelle and I to wander through the garden, or playing in the living room when the sun gets to be too much for her.

My beautiful baby girl is over 10 lbs now, and is growing too quickly for my taste. Since she is the last one I wish I could slow down time. My other two have grown so much. I really notice it now with the new baby. Felicity always seemed so small to me, but not so much now.

As the weather is heating up, its time to head to the lake. We may do some swimming this weekend as the reports says it should hit 30 degrees this weekend.

Isabelle is lounging in her stroller while
Tristan and I play in the garden. Maybe a little sunshine and fertilizer will help her hair to grow as she was born with none on top!