Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Happy Halloween

 Felicity and her girlfriend took care of the messy stuff cleaning out all the guts of the pumpkins.  Was a beautiful sunny day so they hung out on the front porch.
This was Felicity's first time carving her own pumpkin.  She did a fantastic job carving the cyclops she drew.

 My Mom created a Happy pumpkin face so not to scare little Isabelle who found all things halloweeny somewhat frightening this year.

 Felicity posing in her Mad Hatter costume that Mom and I worked on together.  The Hat was so much fun to make and weighed a tonne on her little head.  I think she looked fabulous!! Her friend was a spooktacular vampire bride.
Tristan's friend dressed as Gene Simmons from Kiss poses as though he's giving his autograph.  He looked hilarious with that wig and makeup!! We had so much fun getting ready for this favorite holiday of the year.  I had a few Halloween mini's I created but didn't get posted. Perhaps will try to get them up tomorrow.  Better late than :O)