Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Since the weather during Spring Break never resembles anything close to spring up here, I decided it would be fun to create a project for me and the kids to work on when it was snowing and blowing too hard to go outside. Felicity's was the only one that was actually completed during the break so the others will have to be posted later.

We had a lot of fun creating this Journal together. I did a lot of the assembly, but Felicity did the stamping and glueing. She also chose the colors and a lot of the layout.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

This library pocket will be filled with a journaling tag and a photo. We didn't want to fill all the pages right away. As the year progresses we will finish the rest of the pages with photos taken throughout the year.

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stampnscrap4fun said...

Love that you're finally blogging! Looking forward to seeing lots more!