Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Isa Video

Isa is a going concern these days as she's discovered her ability to slide her way across the hardwood floors. The slippery surface once presented an obsticle as she couldn't keep her knees under her, but now she has discovered that she can walk with her hands and just slide her bottom making all my hard floor surfaces perfect for this technique.

I can't believe how quickly she's grown. At 8 months it's already hard to imagine the 6lb tiny bundle they presented to me at her birth. She's probably closer to 18lbs now and is turning into a little person. Yesterday she waved goodbye to her brother as he left for school, and she loves to repeat my name "Mom" whenever she wants something. I just wish I could slow time down and savor every single moment, but as hard as I try moments come and go, and my baby will grow just as my other two have.

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