Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Isabelle's first steps !!

  Just as I thought she would never walk, she took those first akward steps on the eve of her first birthday.  She was a little slow to get moving but gained momentum with each step.  This new game of walking to her sibblings continued through to bedtime.  With my other two, once they figured this out there was no more crawling.  But Isabelle has tired of this new game and is back to familiar ground scooting around on her bottom.  With some encouragement we can get her to take a step or two, but she is not eager to walk as her sibblings were.  OK by me as she is growing up way too fast anyways.

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mustangkayla said...

I couldn't see the video, something about private setting. sweet! My son LOVED to try and get his little sister to walk! I'm with ya though, they grow up too darn fast, no point in pushing them to go faster!