Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

  The crazyness of september is finally winding down as we enter mid October as school is now underway, kids winter activities have been sorted out, and our newest member of the family has started the Strong Start program.  Ahhh.....I may finally have time to get back to my favorite activity....SCRAPBOOKING!!
  But enough of all that! I wanted to post a few photos I took of the kids on a beautiful October morning as my mother has been complaining that she hasn't seen any recent ones.  Most of these were taken in my backyard with  the exception of the long grass which was taken at the mouth of a trail nearby.

  Felicity has been bugging me for some time to colour her hair purple after her friend had blond streaks.  It turned out pretty cute, but will most definitely be a one time deal as I happen to love her natural chocolate coloured hair.  She squeeled and complained as I pulled her hair through a cap (just like her mother!).  The colour is temporary and will wash out over time as it was designed for kids.

  Kieth and I had a lovely walk down to Morfee Lake on his last days off.  The colour was still quite spectacular so we took a couple of quick photos using my timer and a conveniently located picnic table.  It was so warm that day we couldn't help but spend the entire day outside.

  On the way home from work, Kieths truck was attacked by a Moose.  He had come to a complete stop to let the moose cross in front of him when the moose decide to shoulder check him after being blinded by his headlights.  Thank goodness niether Kieth nor the moose was injured.

  I do have a couple of LO's I've been working on as well as a Christmas project and hope to get them posted in the next couple of days.  I hope to be posting a little more regular now that everything's a little more settled around here.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING


mustangkayla said...

What great pictures! My FIL was hit by a deer recently...same thing as the moose, he was at a complete stop! Man, how I would LOVE to see a moose up close like that!

Juliana said...

Totally great fall photos!

And your daughters purple hair is totally totally cool! What a fun momma you are for letting her give it a go!

And a moose?! Seriously!? I know you all have them where you live, but I can not imagine what that must have felt like ramming into his truck! So glad Kieth was OK!

Kelly Massman said...

I don't know how I missed your post! Fun purple hair and sorry about the truck! I just saw that you won a CTMH prize on Helen Croft's site! congrats! I always like to see someone I "know" win a prize! :-)