Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tourist In My Own Town

Since Daddy's working and Big Brother's at a friends house, my girls and I decided to take a walk and enjoy another gorgeous sunny day. We brought our camera along just for fun and decided to play tourists in our own town. Isabelle slept soundly in her snuggly for the first half of the walk, so Felicity and I enjoyed some girl talk while we hike up the street to our main tourist attraction (LOL) The Worlds Largest Tree Crusher!
We met an interesting couple there from Vancouver Island who were up visiting friends. They had come back to the Tree Crusher in hopes of photographing a black bear that they spotted hanging around the day before. Apparently the wife had never seen a bear before. Felicity and I found this rather amusing after having lived in the north for so many years we've grown accustomed to spotting these fuzzy beasts on a regular basis. So we wished them luck and continued on our walk.

After we'd explored all there was to see inside our quaint little town, Felicity made the request to stop at her School Playground for a little bit. Isabelle and I watched Felicity monkey around for a while and then took a few turns on the slide. I think she enjoyed swinging with mommy the most, though my stomach wasn't so sure, I enjoyed the small breeze created by the swinging on this scorcher of a day.

A couple more turns on the slide, and we headed home for some well deserved Ice Cream.

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