Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look Mom, I'm sewing again!

Although I have yards and yards of fabric, and all the tools any seamstress could need, I have not had the urge to sit down at my sewing machine for a long time. That is until today when Isabelle kept falling sideways as I tried to sit her down on the couch. No matter how many pillows I propped around her, the end result was always the same.

I had seen pillows like these in catalogues before, and thought to myself, "this couldn't be that difficult to make, why not just sew one?!" And so this was the end result.

The pillow ended up a little skinnier than I originally planned, but it pretty much works as intended. It also made a great nursing pillow when turned around. Who knows, maybe this will spark future projects. In the mean time, I'm going to make my 8Th attempt in the last three weeks to finish an Easter layout I've been working on. If only I were a night owl, it would make it so much easier to get things done. But as the clock is ticking, I better get moving or I will be off to bed without having done anything.

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