Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Splendor

As Autumn here in the north is such a short season it would be a crime not to enjoy the bug free and splendid moderate temperatures this season has to offer. It is in fact my favorite season! This is the season of Turkey and Cranberry sauce, Ghosts and individually wrapped chocolates, Golden leaves, and crisp frosty mornings.

The kids and I spend many of these beautiful fall afternoons hiking through various trails surrounding our town. The dogs especially look forward to these walks as it means off leash as there are rarely anyone else to encounter on our trails. This little lake is one of my favorite this time of year as the trail is easy enough for the kids to walk and long enough for me and my dogs.

Chewy and Kiara took great pleasure in diving into the lake for a drink of fresh water and then running past our legs soaking us in the process. At one point Kiara disappeared into the grassy shoreline and I could here yelping. When Tristan went to investigate, he found she had fallen in what looked like a bear den or a beaver's hole. After that she stayed close always making sure I was there before venturing further down the trail. I was sure relieved that nothing came out of that hole besides my fuzzy white mongrel.

Felicity is always trying out new poses for the camera!

Tristan picked these flowers for the photo and waved them around in front of Isabelle. She found this rather hilarious and giggled each time he moved them. I couldn't resist filming this, but forgot that I had the camera in portrait position so unfortunately it ended up sideways and I have no idea how to flip it.


briannie said...

Glad to see you and the kids are taking the dogs out for a walk once in a while. I miss those walks myself and will want to walk with you when I come.

debbietompkins said...

The video is adorable even if it is