Sunday, October 11, 2009

Felicity's 8th Birthday

  Brrr.....It's -14 c this sunny Thanks Giving morning. What happened to all that unusually warm weather we were having this October? A perfect day for catching up on my Blog though. With Tristan entertaining Isabelle and Felicity at a sleepover, I figure I better take advantage while I can.

  Felicity's 8th Birthday was a success with the girls enjoying the craft projects Felicity and I planned for them, and they were just thrilled with the hand stamped Goody Bags stuffed full of girly things. We had Felicity's Favorite Chocolate Cupcakes with multicolored icing and sprinkles of course.

  Although this was supposed to be a no presents party, each of the girls insisted on getting her a little something. They sat on the floor and played spin the horn to see who's present she would open first. She was ecstatic to receive a grey Webkins kitty to replace the one she lost on top of the school. She also received a lovely bracelet and necklace set in her favorite color - purple!, and an adorable tin full of special goodies and trinkets.

  These girls are so goofy! I couldn't get a group shot with all of them smiling, as they were determined to wear their party hats on their faces. They look like a group of Dodo birds.

  Each of the girls had a different bead kit from which they created necklaces or whatever else they could come up with.  It was fun to see thier individual creativity as no one copied the pattern that was included in each kit.

  With more stickers and embellishments than any girl could want, they had a blast decorating and personalizing the mini albums Felicity and I made for them. I took pictures throughout the party and printed up pictures on my little printer for them so they would have photos for their albums. Some of the girls used the albums for a diary, using stickers to put the name of a cute boy they like on the page. Lots of giggling and whispering at the kitchen table.

  After the parents collected these party goers, Isabelle passed out for a much needed afternoon nap, and I sat back to survey the damage.  Cake crumbs everywhere, and packaging and paper all over the kitchen table.  But over all there was little cleanup, and most important, the afternoon had been a success!

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briannie said...

Looks like a fun party for everyone. I could almost taste those cupcakes. Cann't wait to see how much they've grown . Happy Birthday Felicity. See you soon. Love Grandma