Thursday, November 5, 2009


We had an awsome Halloween week when Grandma came for a visit.  Isabelle who can often make strange, immediately recognized her as family and was all smiles for her Grandma.

We had great plans of taking many walks and getting loads of exercise while she was here, but the weather was not cooperating.  We had a few days of sunshine but mostly slushy wet weather.  This meant spending more time in the craft room sewing Halloween costumes and creating decorations for the house, including a black feather wreath for over the fireplace.

The 10 days went too quick and before I knew it we were saying goodbye at the airport and now count the days till Mom and Dad come visit in December.  Here are a few Halloween picks:

It snowed a foot of snow the day before Halloween.  Needless to say, I spent an hour digging ourselves out of the driveway that morning, and my graveyard took on a less macabre feel with all that white fluffy stuff.

Tristan found this Salemander in the snow outside near the graveyard.  He ran in to show his Grandma and I his new pet.  Of course we told him he had to release it as it would not survive indoors.  Brrr....I hope he had a winter coat somewhere.

Tristan's friend James was helping him figure out his suspenders.  It was rather amusing to see them struggling with them.  The final decision was to attach the clips to his front and back pockets.  Hey...whatever works LOL!!

Tristan's costume was a chainsaw dude from his favorite Resident Evil 4 video game, and his friend was a Gangster.  Felicity was a goulish corps bride.  I was rather pleased with how her costume turned out.  Mom and I put glitter on both her Boo-quet and her veil and mom tucked in a couple of mice and spiders.  Tristan's costume was splattered with a little Cranberry crisp re-inker to look like the blood on his chainsaw.  He was rather disappointed that many thought he was a scarecrow!?  I've never seen a scarecrow packing a chainsaw before.

Grandma borrowed my witches hat to take Felicity and her friend Summer Trick-or-treeting.  They made quite a trio all dressed in black.  The girls lasted about an hour and came home with half a bag of candy, while the boys stretched it right until the fire works returning with a pillow case full to the top.  Afterward we went to Tracy's to enjoy the Fireworks and goodies she prepared for us.  A fabulous end to a Spooktacular night!

Grandma painted and carved the cat pumpkin inspired by Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine, and Felicity drew a Bat on her pumpkin.  Tristan opted out.  Growing up so fast, he's not as interested in "kid stuff" anymore. 

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Anne said...

Thanks for posting the Halloween pictures on the blog as it means I am able to show Ann at work ,Of course I have your blog save as a favourite at work . I can't wait to show Ann the fun things you are doing . I'm so proud of you daughter and all you creative and computer talents, plus your gorgeous like your Mom. Ha ha. Love you kido