Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Day To Remember

  Today as I finished of my poppy wreath, I thought about all those who'd been lost.  Not just in war, but also those so dear to me lost to illness.  I thought it important to pay tribute to a day that many just consider another "day off" and have forgotton the importance of this commemoration.  So in the center of my home I've hung this wreath to help my family remember those who've sacrificed their lives so we may live ours.


Remembrance Day is here again,

On this day we remember all those who were slain.

The ones they left behind have endured much sorrow and pain.

But rest assured,

the whole world knows those brave ones didn't die in vain.

The poppies that you see people wear,

Are there to show you they still care.

We open our hearts so that we can share,

A moment of silence, and offer a prayer.

To all the soldiers who died saving our country.

~~By Patti Joyce.~~

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