Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween pics a little late

I know that I'm rather late in posting these, but beter late than never I always say!  So here are a few pics from Mom and Dad's Halloween visit.

Felicity and Grandpa Decorated the front yard while I took care of the window display.

Love these pictures of Isabelle in her Ladybug costume!

Felicity getting her goulish makeup applied for her Dead Rockstar Costume.

 Isabelle and Grandma already for trick or treating.  Not too much candy for this little one.  Just a few stops to some friends houses and then home to watch Sleepy Hollow with Johny Depp as we have every year.

We had a great visit, but as always too short :O)


mustangkayla said...

Great pictures! Isabelle's looks adorable in her ladybug costume!

Angela Fehr said...

That is the cutest ladybug costume EVER! Glad you had a good Halloween!