Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Isa and Her Big Brother

Isabelle loves hanging out with her big brother. She's always looking for him when she first hears his voice in the morning. Tristan thinks his new baby sister is "sooo cute" and enjoys holding and playing with her when she's not fussing. I don't know what I would do without his help. With Tristan and Felicity entertaining Isabelle, I am actually able to have a shower and shave my legs, and my house doesn't have that new mother disaster has struck decor.

I once worried that the age difference would be a problem, but I think big brother will be both protector and teacher to his new baby sister.

Isabelle does not enjoy the tummy time that is so important according to doctors to develop her arm and chest muscle strength so she quickly figured out how to roll over on to her back. Now every time I put her on her tummy, she immediately rolls over to where she prefers to be.

I can't believe how quickly she's changing. I want to savor every moment and stop her from growing into the little girl she will soon become. Her tiny "Agoo's" and little "Gee's" will soon be the endless chatter of a little girl who can talk about nothing for hours like her big sister Felicity.

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