Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kieth's 38th Birthday

I wanted to bake Kieth a cake for his birthday, but since he wouldn't be here to eat it, and the last thing I need is a cake I thought I would wish him a happy birthday and make a picture of a cake for him instead. We will have to wait a week till he comes home for the real thing. This will be the first time in 20 years that he has had to work on his birthday, (as he has reminded me several times). As I only spoke to him briefly early this morning, I hope it turned out to be a good day for him. You never know how things will go on "the Patch".
With so many birthdays in the last few days (friends, family, Felicity's friends), I felt inspired to sketch out and create a few birthday cards. Unfortunately, I've only had time to complete one so far but am optimistic that I will have time for the others later this week as Isa's nap schedule seems to be back on track.
This first card is rather simple, but I like the colours and whimsical design in Basic Grey's paper pack and didn't want to distract from that by cluttering up the canvas with too many embellishments.

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briannie said...

cute birthday card. I wanted to mail a card to Kieth but haven't got to the post office as I'm too busy ,but wish him all the best. Mom