Monday, December 28, 2009

I Won!!!!!!!!

  I just had to share the fact that I won the 10th day of Christmas prize over at the Bo Bunny Blog !  I'm just thrilled to be recieving an assortment of cardstock to create with in the new year. I just want to wish everyone a new year filled with friends old and new, family, and creative inspiration.  And I want to thank those that have visited my blog these past few months (I'm still a new blogger) and I appreciate all the comments left.


Juliana said...

Congrats Glynis! I was excited for you when I saw your name as one of the winners!

And I seriously love those sock monkeys and the doll house you all built! Looks like you all had a really great Christmas!

Happy New Year!!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Hello and Bravo to you Glynis!
It's great to get to know your blog and I thank you for your sweet comment!


Amber said...

Congrats on winning! And about the WonderPets...I know what you mean! It's really a super cute show and so catchy...I know every song, haha!!! =)