Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow Shoeing Boxing Day

  Kieth and Tristan recieved Snow Shoes for Christmas this year and spent the late afternoon on Boxing Day taking a trip down to the lake with the dogs.

  The snow was quite fluffy and little Kiara had some difficulty managing it, so Tristan the protector picked her up and carried her to the crustier snow on the Lake's surface.

  Tristan stands by what I call Ice Volcanoes, created by stumps on the lake's shore. Chewy and Kiara are thrilled to have such a vast area to run and play on.

  An opening in the ice created by a small creek.  Boys are always drawn to running water.  Only the frigid air keeps them from splashing and playing in it.

  The trees look etherial all covered in frost with the moon peeking out from behind.

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Anne said...

Good to see the boys out snow shoeing, wish I could be there too. Snow out here sucks for winter sports, so far.
Sissy's doll house looks real good, Keith did a great job on making that in such a short time.
Tried to get mom to go skateing today but the ice was not ideal, maybe tommorrow? Dad